Friday, 2 September 2016

RESOLVED: Data Loader Service Disruption - Manual Spreadsheet Loads

RESOLVED 2030hrs PDT. We have implemented a fix that handles most of the spreadsheet errors.  We have tested this extensively, and it is handling the majority of errors seen.  If you continue to experience issues with loading data, please submit a request to our Support Team.

Best regards,
Hapara Support


UPDATE 1412hrs PDT: We've made progress diagnosing the issue at hand, and have engaged Google to investigate.

We will provide another update as soon as we hear back from the Google Team.

While this is under investigation, you can successfully complete a manual load via CSV using the workaround below.

Best regards,
Hapara Support


1308hrs PDT: We are currently investigating an intermittent service disruption for Manual Data Loads from Google Sheets. Some loads of Google Sheets are returning errors and failing to load.

 The issue is not system wide, and to confirm if you're affected by this problem, you might see this or a similar error in the Data Loader Status page:

Unexpected error encountered while loading worksheet <Sheet name>. Please try to load the file again. If this problem persists please contact Hapara Support.

While our development team investigates and works to resolve this issue, you can successfully complete a manual load via CSV using the following workaround:
  1. In the Google Sheet, click File > Download as > Comma-separated values
  2. On your Hapara Admin console, go to the Manual Configuration menu.
  3. Click Start Configuration, then choose CSV file and click Next through the menu options until "Save".
  4. Go to the Manual Load menu, click Next, then choose the file that you downloaded in Step 1.
  5. Click Start Load to process the file.
If you have any questions about the above process, or continue to experience issues with loading data, please submit a request to our Support Team.

We will post another update to this issue when we have any additional information.

Best regards,
Hapara Support

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