Wednesday, 16 November 2016

RESOLVED: Highlights Service Disruption: 2016-11-15

10:00 am PT, 07:00 am NZT
Our engineering team has resolved the Highlights service disruption, and performance should now be back to normal. If you continue to see any issues with connecting to student devices on Highlights, please submit a support request at or email

09:48 am PT, 06:48 am NZT
We have received elevated reports of errors in loading student panels in Highlights. Our engineering team has performed an initial investigation and confirmed a Highlights backend service disruption. This is resulting in the message "Just a minute, we are connecting to student device" appearing on student panels in Highlights.

We are investigating this at the highest priority and will post more updates as we learn more.

Best regards,
Hapara Support

Friday, 4 November 2016

RESOLVED: Hapara Service Disruption: 2016-11-04

Issue: From 04:30am PT to 8:45am PT, teachers from some domains are unable to log into Hapara.
Root Cause: Hapara has been improving the way it interfaces with school's GAFE domains, via the use of the Admin API. As part of this work, we released an update to to the way Hapara handles changes to teacher email addresses. Unfortunately this release introduced a bug which affected some customers with a certain domain configuration, which de-registered teachers of these domains from Hapara. The end result is that these teachers were not able to login to Hapara. Resolution: We rolled back the release, and then performed a full synchronization of Google user data back into Hapara. What we are doing to prevent this from happening in the future: The issue affected customers with a specific configuration, which was not covered in testing. We are reviewing our testing coverage to ensure that similar bugs will not slip through in the future.


08:45 am PT, 04:45 am NZT
At 04:30 am PT, 00:30 am NZT we experienced a service disruption with Hapara Dashboard, Workspace and Highlights being inaccessible for some users. You may have seen a login or authorization error as a teacher, or as an Administrator you may have seen no teachers assigned to classes in Hapara Dashboard.
We've now implemented a fix which should resolve the majority of these issues and will update this post once the root cause has been thoroughly investigated.
We apologise for the inconvenience and if you are still experiencing any access problems, please try these troubleshooting steps in the first instance, before submitting a request to our Support Team, with examples of affected teacher emails, so we may investigate further.

06:40 am PT, 02:40 am NZT
We are implementing a fix now, and impacted users should be regaining access as this is posted. We will continue investigating the root cause of these access issues and post another update once identified and permanently resolved.

06:15 am PT, 02:15 am NZT
Our team is closer to identifying the root cause of this morning's access issues and working to implement an interim fix. This should be out very shortly, thank you for your continued patience.

05:45 am PT, 01:45 am NZT
We have had elevated reports of Hapara Dashboard, Workspace and Highlights being inaccessible for some users. We are investigating this at the highest priority and will post more updates as we learn more.

You may receive a login or authorization error, or an error advising 'No classes found', which usually should be resolved by logging out of all Google Accounts, clearing browser cache and refreshing.

Our team is investigating and we will update this article again shortly as we learn more.