Thursday, 31 March 2016

Highlights Release Notes - March 31, 2016


Focused Browsing feature now optional
The Highlights TDAdmin page now contains a setting "Enable Focused Browsing" which defaults to Yes. If set to No. the Focused Browsing functionality in Highlights is hidden from teachers.

“Extension Installed” diagnostic test is quicker
In some cases, the first test in the Student Diagnostic page was taking a long time before it failed. Some students erroneously thought the test had passed. Now the first test takes at most 10 seconds to fail.

Highlights works better on iPads
Highlights now works much better on iPads. Several issues have been resolved.

Note: On the iPad, a student panel “drag and drop” is initiated by long-clicking on the student panel header. This helps Highlights distinguish between teacher drag and drop actions and other click actions.