Thursday, 20 February 2014

Release Notes — Feb 20, 2014

What's New - 
  • New user interface for CSV uploads. 
    • You can now load both classes and students with a CSV file, both manually or with a cURL script. The Data Loader within TD Admin has been updated to reflect this change. You can find this menu under Data Loader => Load Data via CSV File.
  • Email report for data loads. 
    • When you kick off a data load, you will now receive an email when the load has completed, including a summary of the successful and failed processes.
  • Parent Portal allows Date of Birth entry. 
    • Previously, parents had to log in to Parent Portal using a student ID (UID or NID). Now, you can include a column named "DOB" in the TD Students spreadsheet, and choose to have parents use this DOB value to log in to Parent Portal.
Other changes and bug fixes 
  • The "Remote Control enabled class groups" setting now fits more text, as well as handles unexpected text more cleanly.
  • Fixed a bug where invalid class email errors displayed incorrect on the load details view.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Release Notes — Feb 7, 2014

What's New - 
  • View multiple student sites!
    • If students already have existing sites with no naming pattern, you no longer have to worry about making copies or changing the URL. By entering "any" into the Student Site column of the TD Classes spreadsheet, all student sites to which the teacher has edit access will display on Teacher Dashboard.
  • Automated class upload via cURL
    • Previously, TD Admin offered the ability to load student CSV files via a URL request tool like cURL. Now, the same can be done with classes. Simply replace the student file location in the cURL script with the class file location. More instructions can be found here.
Other changes and bug Fixes
  • Students can now be loaded into more than 20 classes at a time, and more than 30 teachers can be added to a single class.
  • Performance improvements for data loads.