Friday, 9 September 2016

RESOLVED: Google Service Disruption: 2016-09-08

RESOLVED 11:30am PDT: We have had confirmation from Google that the disruption today was caused by a configuration update in Google's Identity, and has since been rolled back.

We are marking this Service Disruption as resolved, and if you experience any further login issues please try these resolution steps in the first instance.


UPDATE 10:10am PDT: We are receiving reports that the problem is self resolving. Our team has had some success accessing Hapara Dashboard, Workspace, Highlight, and the Hapara Admin Console after refreshing a browser session and recommend you try this in the first instance:

1.  Log out of all Google Apps accounts
2. Clear Chrome Browser's Cache and Cookies
3. Try log back into your school account and re-access Hapara Dashboard

Our Engineering team is still investigating the root cause of this issue, and we will update this post again when we know more.

Best regards,
Hapara Support


10:00am PDT: We are experiencing a global service disruption for Hapara Dashboard, Workspace, Highlight, and the Hapara Admin Console.

This issue looks to be caused by a failure in Google's authentication engine. Our team is currently investigating the source of the problem and reaching out to Google directly.

We will post another update to this issue when we have more information

Best regards,
Hapara Support

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