Tuesday, 20 September 2016

RESOLVED: Hapara Dashboard Service Disruption: 2016-09-19

UPDATE (Resolved): 16:15 pm PDT: Google has confirmed that the root cause of the issue is due to an API update on the Google side.

We are continuing to work with Google's Engineering team to understand the change, and implement a more robust long term resolution.

UPDATE (Resolved): 12:30 pm PDT: We've completed fixing all impacted domains now, and do not anticipate this problem recurring again today.

If you continue to experience issues with access to Hapara Dashboard, please submit a request to our Support Team, with examples of affected teacher emails, so we may investigate further.

We are investigating the root cause of the problem with Google and will update this post with more, once this is determined.

UPDATE: 12:00 pm PDT: We're working on the tail end of these fixes now. The majority of impacted domains have been resolved.

UPDATE: 11:00 am PDT: We have a fix running which should bring classes back into visibility, and allow teachers to login successfully.

Hapara's little hamster wheels are currently running at max capacity to get these fixes completed, and we'll provide another update in an hour. Please try refreshing Hapara Dashboard to check if your domain has been resolved.

UPDATE: 10:00 am PDT: We're working to identify all domains affected by this outage, and are beginning a fix process. This will take approx hour or two to complete in full, but you will likely see resolution sooner than this.

UPDATE: 09:00 am PDT: We have a critical ticket logged with the Google team to help investigate the root cause of the issue.

Our support team has a workaround fix we are implementing in the Hapara backend now. More updates to come.

UPDATE: 08:15 am PDT: We have found a potential cause and are working toward a resolution. In the interim, teachers can try these troubleshooting steps to resolve.

We'll update this post again as soon as we have more.

07:30 am PDT: We have had elevated reports of Hapara Dashboard being inaccessible for some users. We are investigating this at the highest priority and will post more updates as we learn more.

You may receive a login or authorization error, which usually should be resolved by logging out of all Google Accounts. We will update this article again shortly as we learn more.

Best regards,
Hapara Support Team


  1. Hi Dan, looks that way. We're investigating now, new blog post here: http://hapara-support.blogspot.co.nz/2016/10/hapara-dashboard-service-disruption.html


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