Monday, 1 August 2016

RESOLVED: 2016-08-01: Smart Share Service Disruption

UPDATE, 12:30pm NZT, 17:30 PST: We have successfully tested and released a fix, and can confirm that Smart Share functionality should be back to normal.

We will continue to investigate the root cause of today's outage and do everything we can to prevent its occurrence in the future.

If you continue to experience any Smart Share problems, please contact our Support Team with the following information:
  • Classes affected: IE: Mailboxes of classes
  • Teachers/Learners affected: IE: Email addresses of anyone affected
  • Doc type: Eg: docx, PDF, Google spreadsheet
  • Doc name:
  • Date/time:
  • Error displayed and/or screenshot:

UPDATE, 11:30am NZT, 16:30 PST: Our team has identified a potential solution and are currently in testing stages.

At present you might be able to click 'OK' to begin the Smart Share process, regardless of the error. 


UPDATE, 10:30am NZT, 15:30 PST: Our team is still investigating this issue and doing everything they can to resolve it quickly.


We have recently identified an issue preventing users from being able to use the Smart Share feature in Hapara Dashboard. When attempting to share a Google document, teachers are receiving the following error: "you do not have the permissions to copy or share the file." as per the screenshot below.

Our developers are currently investigating this issue as a matter of urgency. We will have updates out hourly, please keep an eye on this Support blog post.

Best regards,
Hapara Support

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