Monday, 1 August 2016

Hapara Data Loader Improvements - August 2016

The start of the Northern Hemisphere Academic year is not far off, it will soon be time to load your new students, teachers and classes into Hapara.
We’ve improved the Hapara Data Loader with streamlined workflow and improved functionality. You can take a first look in your school's Hapara Admin Console, and learn more via these links:

The changes include:
  • An improved look and feel, including a step by step guide through the Data Loader options.
  • Improved process for manually loading spreadsheets:
    • Wizard based decisions on how folders, blogs, sites and gmail are used.
    • Load a simplified Class spreadsheet with fewer columns.
  • Improved documentation including context sensitive help.
  • Automatic daily import of Classes, Teachers and Students for Clever and Powerschool users.
    • Easy to configure connectivity to the Clever integration tool or to PowerSchool.
    • Decide how Hapara class names are generated.
    • Wizard based decisions on how folders, blogs, sites, and gmail are used

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