Thursday, 12 May 2016

RESOLVED: 2016-05-11: Highlights Service Disruption

UPDATE, 1:00pm PST: We have released the aforementioned fix, and our engineering team has tested and confirmed that Highlights performance is back to normal. We will continue to investigate the root cause of today's outage and do everything we can to prevent its occurrence in the future.


UPDATE, 11:45am PST: Our team has identified a potential short-term solution to alleviate the Highlights issue. We are still working on resolving the root cause, but this short-term fix should improve performance in the meantime. The fix is expected to be released within the next 30 minutes.


UPDATE, 10:40am PST: We are still investigating the Highlights outage with the utmost priority. We will provide another update at 12:30pm PST.


UPDATE, 9:30am PST: Our development team is still investigating this issue and doing everything they can to resolve it quickly. We will send another update by 10:30am PST.


We are currently experiencing a service disruption with our Highlights product, in which student panels do not load or display inaccurate error messages. Our engineering team is investigating this issue with the highest priority.

We will post another update by 9:30am PST.

Best regards,
Hapara Support


  1. Thanks for the update. Can confirm that we're having tech issues with Hapara Hightlights (The SEED School of Maryland).

  2. I just want to confirm that this is a permanent fix and not a temporary fix. Correct?

  3. getting this message this morning

    Could not retrieve student documents


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