Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Highlights Release Notes - May 3, 2016

Highlights Focused Browsing supports Google Forms better

In Highlights, when using Focused Browsing with Google Forms, the teacher had to specify two URLs - one for the Google Form itself, and one for the "Thanks" page that is displayed after the Google Form has been submitted. If the teacher only specified the first URL, the students wouldn't be able to successfully submit the form.

Now Highlights automatically adds the second URL - so the teacher only has to specify one URL.

HL extension respects the screenshot quality setting

Highlights was not respecting the Image Quality setting in the Bandwidth Control section of the TDAdmin Highlights page. This reduced the ability of Admins to control the bandwidth that Highlights uses. Highlights now obeys the settings.

Note: Around 3May16, if a teacher comments that the image quality in Highlights has gotten worse, this will be because the TDAdmin setting is now being obeyed. Their IT Administrator can change the setting to change the image quality.

Note: With the default TDAdmin settings sending a student screen image to the teacher takes about 30 to 60 kilobytes of network bandwidth. Lowering the image quality in TDAdmin reduces this to about 10 kilobytes.

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