Monday, 12 January 2015

Release Notes - January 12, 2015

What’s new in Teacher Dashboard 2:

  • Teacher Dashboard 2 now has an internationalization framework built in and is now available in our first international language, French. We use your Google account setting for language to determine whether to show you English or French.
  • The Manage Classes page did not handle long class names elegantly, making the page difficult to read. An update has been made so that the panels expand to better handle these class names.
  • The Classes drop-down menu in the top-left now shows up to 10 classes in alphabetical order so you can access more of your classes quickly.

Other changes and bug fixes:

  • Student content residing in subfolders was not appearing. This has now been fixed and contents of all folders will be showing.
  • The Classes drop-down menu has been updated so that it expands to fit class names instead of showing horizontal scrollbars. This allow the menu to be easily viewable and therefore eliminates the need to scroll through class names.
  • The following three browser-related bugs have been fixed:
    • Internet Explorer:  the Hapara logo was showing over the navigation bar and is now appropriately placed.
    • Safari:  the "Document", "Modified by" and "Updated" were overlapping the student name bar and is now clearly visible.
    • Firefox:  the sorting tool closed before an option could be selected. It now remains open to allow selection.
  • Errors logging into Teacher Dashboard occurred for customers with uppercase letters in their Google ID. This has been fixed and access is granted again.

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