Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Release Notes - January 28, 2015

What’s new in Teacher Dashboard 2:

  • Some customers have multiple domains for their students (e.g., and Teacher Dashboard 2 now works for those customers: a teacher can see all classes and students, even those in the other domains; admins from one domain can see classes and students from that domain, but not from others. (note: this does not cover customers that have multiple domains for teachers; nor teachers with gmail addresses)
  • Customers can now drag and drop student panels, to re-arrange their dashboard as they want e.g. to group particular students together or move specific students to the top of the screen.
  • When inspecting a student's gmail, it's useful to know which messages the student has read. Now unread email messages are displayed in bold in the gmail tab, as the original Teacher Dashboard did.

Other changes and bug fixes:

  • If a customer uses Smart Share to simultaneously share documents to students in two classes which are in different domains, Smart Share was only sharing the documents to the first of the two classes. Smart Share now shares the documents to both classes as expected.
  • While Teacher Dashboard displayed classes and students correctly for teachers, domain administrators were unable to view classes and students. This has been corrected.
  • Domain administrators can choose to disable Interact, or limit its availability to specific teachers, times, or networks. There were situations when our sandboxes (demo domains for sales teams) weren't respecting the access controls for Interact. That has been fixed.
  • After using Smart Share to create new documents and share them with students, the new documents were correctly appearing in the student panels, but mousing over the new documents did not display a thumbnail preview. Mousing over these files now shows a thumbnail preview.
  • If a customer was logged into Teacher Dashboard, but left the Teacher Dashboard page untouched for an hour or more, the student panels would not refresh when they refreshed the page, i.e. the spinning image in the student panels would spin forever. This issue has been resolved.
  • The Sharing tab enables teachers to find student files which weren't shared with the teacher, and then click to open those files. Behind the scenes, Teacher Dashboard grants the teacher permission and then an hour later revokes that permission. In some cases Google API errors would occur while revoking the permission, although no problem was reported to the teacher or student. These changes ensure those errors are caught, diagnosed, and appropriate action taken for the correct operation of the system.
  • The class selection menu no longer remains open after a teacher has made a selection, it now closes as it should.
  • A grammar error in the body of the "add/remove student" email has been fixed. Grammar matters, people!

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