Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Remote Control Extension Update: Version 1.5.5

Last week, you may have noticed a new version for the Hapara Remote Control Teacher Dashboard Extension, version 1.5.5, on student devices. This new version makes the following improvements to the Remote Control tool:
  • When teachers send messages to students through Remote Control, the messages now appear on the side of the student device, rather than as pop-ups. This will allow multiple messages to appear at the same time, and will prevent students from "disabling" the pop-ups. The messages will also be stored as "notifications" if they are not acknowledged by the student.
  • Opening tabs and sending messages will no longer complete for students who are outside of the IP or time restriction settings.
  • Better handling of connection errors, for more stable and reliable performance of Remote Control.
  • Various other bug fixes and performance improvements.
This update should occur automatically for domains that are pushing out the extension through the Google Chrome Management console. Keep in mind that there can occasionally be delays in the update of Chrome extensions; if you notice this on a student device, try logging out and restarting the device then logging back in. Alternatively, you can force the extension update by going to the Extensions menu > Click "Developer Mode" on the top right of the page > Click "Update Extensions". If you are still seeing the old version of the extension after taking these steps, please contact support.

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