Friday, 18 September 2015

Smartshare Improvements

In response to customer feedback, the Hapara dev team have been working on ways to improve the speed and reliability of Smart Share.

After a period of investigation, we have implemented a number of changes to the way that documents are copied.  Our testing of these changes show a reduced number of errors, which in turn reduces reduces the issues that impact customers.

This reduction includes fewer:
- duplicate documents being created,
- ‘temp’ files being left behind and remaining visible to teachers and learner, and
- Smart Share jobs either taking longer than expected, or resulting in some of the students not receiving their copy of the document.  

Working in partnership with a number of customers, we have trialled the new Smart Share release and have been able to monitor this in production.  We have realized marked improvements.

As a result of these positive results, the new Smart Share version was released to all customers at 2pm NZT Friday 18 Sept / 7pm PDT 17 Sept.

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