Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Improvements to Smart Share

Smart Share has shown a decrease in performance.  Customer feedback and testing confirms the following issues due to failed or delayed processes:
  • Standard practice creates a ‘temp’ file and are produced in Hapara Dashboard folders.  However, they should not be visible to the student or teachers.  Currently, an error is occurring during the sharing process where these files have been left behind and causing duplicate files and confusion.
  • Documents are being duplicated during the sharing process.  These duplicates remain in the learner’s folder.
  • As a teacher initiates a Smart Share request, the process starts as expected.  However, the processing may delay or fail which results in the incomplete job and therefore all or some of the students do not receive their copy of the document.  

Our developers have investigated the root cause of these issues as well as options for quick resolution. As a result of this work, key areas for improvement have been identified and are ready for release. These Smart Smart improvements will be rolled out in a phased approach to ensure consistency and speed.

Phase one of the Smart Share release completed Friday, September 11 to a small group of customers. Upon success, Phase two will begin.

The new Smart Share release should be completed by September 18, with a majority of the customers rolled over prior to that date.  We will update our Support Blog regarding the progress and/or any changes.  We thank you for your patience and time in sending us your feedback, and truly apologize for the impact this makes in the classroom.

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