Thursday, 26 March 2015

Release Notes - March 26, 2015

What’s New

Configuration link for admins
TD Admins will now see a Configuration link in TD2, just as in Teacher Dashboard Classic.

Bug Fixes

Resetting students’ passwords
Google sometimes rejects new passwords if they’re too weak, but TD2’s password reset tool didn’t indicate such rejections. That tool now reveals such errors and suggests how to avoid them.
Seeing multiple schools as a TD Admin
For multi-school TD Admins without their own classes, TD2’s All Classes tab displayed classes from only one school. That tab now has a drop-down menu that lets TD Admins access classes from all of their schools.
Showing class descriptions in TD2
TD2 now honors the setting to display class descriptions instead of class names in the My Classes tab, in the All Classes tab, and elsewhere. Class nicknames, however, still take precedence over class names and descriptions.


Teacher Dashboard Classic retiring on March 30
Still using Teacher Dashboard Classic (TDC)? Then you’ve probably seen our messages promoting TD2 on TDC’s home page, in Smart Copy, and in Interact. Try TD2 today by visiting! Starting March 30, teachers will be redirected to TD2 automatically. For more information, see our blog.

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