Friday, 13 March 2015

Release Notes - March 12, 2015

What’s New

Class Nicknames
Users can now nickname their classes without changing the official names in TD2. This lets teachers make more friendly alternatives to their school’s default class names, which may be long or confusing. 
  • New nicknames can take a little while to propagate to all of Teacher Dashboard’s tabs.
  • Nicknames do not affect how classes are loaded into Teacher Dashboard.
  • Nicknames are specific to each individual teacher.


Smart Share Progress Screen
Smart Share now shows its progress more clearly, even if you’re sharing files with students in multiple student domains. We’ve also updated its appearance to fit in better with the rest of TD2.

Bug Fixes

Loading a non-teacher’s classes in Teacher Dashboard 2
In TD2, non-teachers without classes on the My Classes tab would see a perpetual loading screen on that tab. Now the tab simply states that there are no classes on it.

Showing blog activity from multiple blogs for one student
For students with multiple blogs, TD2’s Blogger tab only showed the activity from one blog. Now, the Blogger tab shows recent activity from all of a student's blogs.


Promoting Teacher Dashboard 2 - Teacher Dashboard Classic Retiring March 31
Still using Teacher Dashboard Classic? Then you’ve probably seen our messages promoting TD2 on TDC’s home page, in Smart Copy, and in Interact. Try TD2 today by visiting!  After March 31, teachers will be redirected to TD2 automatically. For more information, see our blog.  

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