Sunday, 7 December 2014

New Release: Teacher Dashboard 2 - Open Beta

Hapara customers are welcomed to try our new-look interface, designed to be cleaner and easier to use.


  • SmartShare can copy/share up to 5 documents at once.  This was the most-requested feature from teacher feedback.
  • SmartShare lets you copy/share to multiple classes at once (“I want all my English students to get this rubric”).  This was the second-most-requested feature.
  • We’ve added a progress bar so you can see how your SmartShare is going.
  • Students can belong to multiple groups.  (As a consequence, “sort students by group” doesn’t make sense when the students are in multiple groups, so that option has been removed)
  • Drive, Interact, Portfolio, Sites, Sharing, Class Info are all in this new interface.


  • Major functional areas yet to be added: Picasa, G+, Teacher Notes, Calendars, Blogger, Audits, Top Link.
  • We’ve improved the startup and display times from the closed beta period, but there’s more work to do here.

Known problems

  • Schools where students are in multiple domains cannot use the new Teacher Dashboard yet.
  • French translation is incomplete.
  • Mobile support is incomplete (in particular, Google’s file picker does not work well on very small devices).
  • Safari users cannot change the order in which students are displayed.
  • Some content may not load if user is logged into multiple accounts and their teacher account is not the most recent login.

General Improvements

  • SmartShare reliability and performance have been improved.

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