Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Highlights Release Notes - February 8, 2016

Bug Fixes

Focused Browsing icon does not display after student logs out & in
Sometimes after a student logged out and logged back in, during a Focused Browsing session, Highlights did not display the Focused Browsing icon on the student panel (even though the student was focused). This issue has been resolved.

Extension prevents users accessing the Internet via proxy server
The Highlights extension was erroneously stopping a dialog popping up that asked the student for a username and password to log into a proxy server. This issue has been resolved.

Front end does not display tabs with blank urls
Unusually, some games open a new Chrome tab with no URL. An example is  Zuma Free Brain game. Highlights was not displaying these tabs in the Browser Tabs or Activity Viewer panes. Now, in the Browser Tabs pane,  Highlights shows the title of the Zuma page. And in the Activity Viewer pane, Highlights represents the URL with the text "blank".


Added 150 & 180 minute Focused Browsing durations

The list of Focussed Browsing durations has been expanded

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  1. When using the focus feature on a chrome book, students are still able to launch apps and use them. It initially closes their tabs and opens the desired page, but if they go to the installed apps on the bottom they are able to launch and use them. Does anyone know a fix to this problem?


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