Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Highlights Release Notes - December 16,2015


Improve Current Screen "Save"

From the Highlights Current Screen page, the teacher can click on an image to enlarge it. The enlarged image now shows the student name, date/time the image was taken and the URL the student was browsing. The teacher can save the image to a file and the saved image also includes these details.

User documentation links

Highlights now contains links to several articles that explain individual Highlights features and events in detail.

Student Groups and Sorting

The Browser Tabs and Current Screen tabs now use the same student groups and sorting order always - improving the usability of the product.

Show active tab in bold

In the Browser Tabs view, the tab that the student is looking at is now bolded (as it was in Interact).

Improve blank student panel process

Highlights provides teacher and student tools to help diagnose blank student panels. The blank student panel link "Flag issue" has been re-labelled "Investigate" and the associated pop-up window has been improved to help teachers and students resolve more causes more quickly. Further detail on the pop-up window is available here.

Bug Fixes

Close Tabs restores student tabs

When the teacher used the "Close Tabs" button to close a focused browsing session, Highlights was not obeying the "Restore tab settings" value the teacher set when they started the focused browsing session. Highlights now honors the setting.

Security Error switching classes from the Current Screen Tab

A security issue meant that sometimes teacher on the Highlights "Current Screens" screen uses the class pull-down menu to switch to another class, and gets a "access denied" message. This has been fixed.

Current Screens not updating to when student closes tab

The Current Screen now updates when a student closes a tab

Unresponsive Device messages with multiple Teachers

When two teachers were watching the same class, and an unresponsive device came back on line, only one teacher's view was updated to say the device is on line. This issue has been resolved.

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