Monday, 2 November 2015

Release Notes - November 2, 2015

Bug Fixes



Data loader warns when ignoring columns
If the data loader finds a column header it does not recognize in a spreadsheet, it displays a warning message. This brings misspelled column headers to users' attention (rather than being silently ignored).

Parent Portal login is now case insensitive
Because Parent Portal’s login page treated upper and lower case letters differently, parents sometimes had trouble logging into Parent Portal. That login page is no longer case sensitive.

Gmail tab makeover
We’ve been working on a package of speed, functionality, and look improvements. These improvements will be available in the Gmail tab first, and in Dashboard & Sharing modules in coming weeks.

For large classes, the Gmail tab loads in under half the time it took before. For example, showing 10 emails for 120 students previously took 120 seconds. Now it takes 45 seconds.

Easier filtering:
  • Clicking the magnifying glass icon opens the text filter dialog and it stays open.
  • After entering text, the user can apply the filter by either pressing enter or clicking the magnifying glass.
  • When a filter is set, the text remains in the box and an x appears with tooltip "Reset".
  • On clicking the reset icon, the student panels are unfiltered, the filter text is cleared and the whole text filter panel return to its closed state.
  • If the user clicks anywhere outside the search panel and if they haven't entered any filter text then it's as if the user clicked the reset icon.
  • If the user clicks on the mag glass icon while the text filter box is open but with no filter text specified,then it's as if the user clicked the reset icon.
  • If the user deleted text existing filter text and clicked anywhere outside the search panel then it's as if the user clicked the reset icon.

Gmail student panel icons:
The buttons for editing a student’s groups, emailing a student, and opening a student’s Teacher Notes file have been moved to a menu that is opened by clicking the “…” symbol. This gives us room to do three things:
  1. show what those buttons do,
  2. show longer student names, and
  3. add new features more easily in the future.

Gmail student panel grouping
The student panel’s square corners. This allows more room to display the “student group” colours along the top of the student panel.

Clicking a colored tab in a student’s panel sorts all of the student panels, showing students of the selected color group first.

Clearer, more consistent navigation
The Gmail tab now underlines the selected sub-tab (Inbox, Sent, or Trash). This reflects how “Gmail” is underlined when the Gmail tab is selected.

Better browser support
The Gmail tab has been tested on Chrome version 46.0 and OS X.

The look changes from this:
To this:

TD Admin makeover
We’ve made a number of minor changes to tidy up the TD Admin user interface.  This includes removing some unused settings, changing text of titles and instructions so they are more clear, change to modules tab order and adding a suggestions box.

Archiving improvements
Previously if a school changes a subject folder mid-year, the year-end archiving process would only archive the new subject folder. We now archive both the old and new subject folders.

Data Loader detects suspended teacher
The data loader does not allow classes to be loaded with teachers with suspended accounts. It now displays a clear and informative error message, and skips the class.

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