Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Release Notes - May 11, 2015

Bug Fixes

Removing students from colour groups
Unchecking the box for a colour group did not remove a student from the group, but it does now.

Refreshing the Interact tab
Refreshing the Interact tab occasionally returned users to the Dashboard tab. No more!

All Classes tab stability
Upon opening the All Classes tab, classes sometimes appeared, disappeared, and then appeared again. Now, classes stay in place after appearing on the All Classes tab.

Date formatting in the Gmail, Blogger, and Sites tabs
The Gmail, Sites, and Blogger tabs showed dates and times like so: 2015-05-11 12:00. As a result, the most useful information was truncated, like so: 2015-05-…. Those tabs now show dates much more usefully, like so: May 11 12:00.

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  1. last night while working on my google dashboard it signed me out and asked what i would do if i lost my account
    can this happen
    how do i prevent this


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