Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Release Notes — March 25, 2014

What's New - 
  • Multiple teacher domains. 
    • TD Admins can now specify multiple domains in the Configuration > Logins. This is primarily for districts in which teachers at different schools log in to different domains, but all students log in to a single domain.
Other changes and bug fixes -
  • Improved data load performance. 
    • Some customers had reported delays between when a data load was started and when processing began. This has been fixed by improving our queuing process, which should also improve overall speed and performance of the Data Loader. 
  • Improved Smart Copy performance. 
    • Due to Google API limits, some large domains had experienced performance issues with Smart Copy. Now, Smart Copy jobs will be distributed more evenly in the backend to avoid reaching these limits and streamline performance. 
    • Other changes to the Smart Copy backend processing should improve the overall speed of Smart Copy, particularly for read-only, read-comment, and read-share. 
  • The "any" option for student sites will now work when student site URLs are anonymized
  • Fixed a bug in which certain student folders would not open from Teacher Dashboard. 
  • Fixed a bug in which load reports were sometimes generated multiple times. 
  • The "Docs to display" filter on Teacher Dashboard will now display "items" instead of "docs" when on the Sites page. 

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